Underneath  quick introduction to the suppliers of Easy Health:

Our Suppliers 1

Klong Phai Farm’s free range chickens and eggs are raised in the countryside of Thailand

By caring farmers under strict observance of international procedures.

We are guided by three main principles:


We use no hormones and no antibiotics in our products.


Our chickens have good quality of life and benefit from the natural environment in Kho Yai

National Park where they are allowed to roam free on our 37 acre farm. They are allowed to feed themselves freely with a variety of natural organic food rich in vitamin and protein which they find in the ground.

website : https://www.klongphaifarm.com/

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Our salad supplier are based on producing clean, safe, and non-toxic and correct academic vegetables.  The two systems are NFT and DRFT and the materials are well-selected standard. And good seed importantly, they have chosen to use bio products to manage the production of vegetables such as Trichoderma harzianjum fungus and Bacillus thuringiensis to control pests and diseases. In there farm, they produce the following vegetables: Red Oak, Green Oak, Frillice Iceberg, Red Coral, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, and other. Alt the vegetables that leave there farm are fresh, clean and safe.

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