Our delivery drivers carry change for 1000THB at all times. All payments must be made in THB. Tipping is appreciated but optional.

We accept the following forms of payments:
Cash on delivery
• Online credit card payments: Visa and Mastercard.
Bank transfer: Ask the staff for details.
• Paypal.

If you paid online and are issued a refund, please allow up to 30 days for the funds to hit your account.

Pre-Orders & Cancellation of Orders
Your Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver the products ordered and paid for in full.

Last and First Order
Last order is at 7.30PM.
First order is at 9AM. If we receive an advance order from you scheduled for 9AM, we will deliver it at 9.30AM.

Meal plan orders
Ordered meal plan orders are non-cash refundable. Exceptional case we will refund in store credit.

Our goal is to provide the best healthy food delivery service on the market which includes an excellent reputation delivery under 60 minutes. Unfortunately, weather, staff illness and traffic conditions can appear which results in delay. If you’re looking for the fastest delivery, avoid ordering continental meals which usually serves a bit longer.


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