The creation of Easy Health originated was within the walls of a fitness center. It has been in the history of Thailand globally, that there is a poor offering on organic and healthy nutrition especially sports nutrition.

People who want to start lose weight or need a nutritionist in Pattaya or just want to live healthy has to oblige to make the meals themselves, there isn’t any offering on this subject in Pattaya.We are offering  a special mealplan. So do you need good muay thai food in Pattaya or just some good fitness nutrition in Pattaya??  Look no further.. As there is no other restaurant or shop offerings on this market subject we thought of a plan to bring this healthy food idea in the market of Pattaya.


Health food combined with Fitness.

Through the workouts, the aches, the satisfactions of a progression and other extra gym activities our complicity grew and we saw that we have the same vision.

    • Train smart and efficient
    • Provide the body and the mind the necessary recovery
    • Provide the body and the mind adapted food and necessary nutriments

Whether the goal is physical, mental or performance, all of these three points are significant and important. The result will be achieved only if these three elements work synergistically.

Know yourself, set challenges, grow, escape the routine and overcome obstacles.

After that you will adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle; The body and the mind will feel much better.


It’s after we observe that there is not a lot of offering of healthy food we decide to launch our project Easy Health. You can try the fresh smoothie bar and our Paleo meals which is all organic and gluten free.